5 Reasons I Love Coaching

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Life Coaching is Fulfilling

Recently, I’ve been thinking about why I love life coaching so much.  Life coaching is more than just a job to me. It's a calling, a purpose that feeds my soul and allows me to help others in a way that is truly fulfilling.

In this post, I'll share with you my top five reasons why I was made to be a life coach, and how each of these reasons impacts not only my clients, but also myself. Coaching has been an incredible journey for me, and I'm excited to share that journey with you.

  1. I Was Made to Be a Life Coach

I was made to do this work. Oftentimes, we will hear if we do what we love, we don't really feel like it's work. Yet there have been times in my life and past career where I did not relate to or believe in that statement.

Now, I know with every bit of my being that I was made to do this work. 

When I'm doing this work and I'm coaching with others -  I feel like I am on fire, I am alive, I'm operating from the best parts of myself, with my strengths and my gifts, and that comes out in the coaching relationship.  Being a coach feeds my soul, my passions,  and my gifts.  The wonderful thing is that at the same time, it feeds others. It comes out in the goals and outcomes that my clients experience and achieve when we work together. I don't think it can get any better than that. It's authentic, genuine, and truly rewarding.

  1. I Get to Be a Part of Life-Altering Change

I get to be a part of life-altering change. Some of my clients come in with a goal and some of them don’t - either way, they end up experiencing life-altering change that I am grateful to be a part of.

Experiencing this with my clients is both exhilarating and humbling. 

Have you ever just kind of come across a beautiful, magnificent landscape? Whether it's the mountains, the sunrise or the oceans.  You just sit there for a minute and you're taking in this spectacular view and this spectacular experience.

Well, that's what it's like for me when I experience this life-altering change and exhilarating change that clients get to experience as they enter into knowing that they were made for more, and as they become what they were made to become in their life - whether that's personally or professionally, or both.

  1. How My Clients Impact and Influence Others’ Lives 

When my clients enter our coaching relationship, they're entering into it to change, to grow, to heal, to advance.

How they impact and influence others' lives throughout this process changes and evolves. As I work with clients, their impact and influence begin to grow and reach out in ways that there is no way I could do on my own.

I could never have the impact the way it happens through my clients and through their change. 

As a result of the changes my clients undergo, I get to be a part of a greater good that is far beyond my reach as an individual. Knowing and experiencing this brings an amazing level of purpose and satisfaction to my life because I know that other lives are being impacted and influenced at greater levels.

This excites me tremendously because it confirms for me that I'm doing exactly what I was meant to do and what I love.

  1. My Soul Becomes Connected to My Clients’ Souls

My soul becomes connected to my client's soul in a very professional way, yet also in a very personal way. In that connection, we get to share in connecting to a Source that's greater than both of us.

Now, for me, my source is Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. But that's not always the Source of my clients. Their Source may be the Universe, their loved ones who have passed on, or even nature. And that's ok. But, we're connecting to the Source who is greater than both of us and who is good.

As a result, we begin to experience what it means when two paths were meant to cross. I believe we’ve all had those experiences in our life at one point in time, and there's really nothing to say besides, "This was just meant to be." Those paths or circumstances were brought to us for very, very specific reasons.

Experiencing Source when two paths cross is life-changing for the client and for me. Both of us walk away more fulfilled. In that connection, we both begin to show up in ways that we were made for and that we were intended for. This is extremely powerful!

  1. We Were Made to Connect

We were made to connect. When I connect with my clients, we come to an understanding that whatever's happening in their life, they're not alone.

When we’re wanting to change or challenge ourselves and we don’t know what our next steps are, we can get into this place in our head that is like torture for our minds, our bodies and our overall being. But, by being able to connect to another person and connect in a way that is safe, personal, professional, and non-bias, we relinquish living in that torture.

In that relinquishment of silence, a beauty appears in which clients really come to understand that they know! They've always known, they just needed a little guidance in putting it together.  They know where to start, they know what to do, they know what they were meant for. They begin to know and understand what they need to make it happen with whatever direction they're seeking in their life.

I Feel Called to This Career

These are some very profound reasons of why I love life coaching, and why I was made to do this work, and will continue to do this work. So, if in fact, you can connect to some of these reasons, then reach out! Maybe our paths were meant to cross and we were meant to experience this life journey together and offer something that is life-transforming for each other.