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Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded.

It's a relationship between equals.

Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others.

Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.

- Pema Chodron -

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When working with clients to facilitate change that sustains the test of time clients can expect to move from a subconscious level or conscious level into untapped Awareness.  After this new Awareness has been established clients are able to Identify what gets in the way of desired change and having a great life.  I then work with clients through their new Awareness and ability to Identify to change their Experience.  So, clients Experience a change in how they perceive, process, react, interact, and behave.  Clients are able to practice in real time what it means to have Mastery over their desired changes.  Continued engagement in Mastery leads to Transformation and results that sustain the test over time. 

Life-changing transformation requires patience

and understanding of change.


I hold a Bachelor's degree in academic psychology, a Master's in mental health, marriage, family, couple counseling and  PH. D. degree in philosophy with a specialization in marriage, family, couple counseling.

I have over 18 years of experience in behavioral health growing and building others and opportunities.  I am passionate about embracing change and guiding others to discovery and growth.  I, myself, have journeyed down the path of discovering what my life was designed for and that I deserve a life that is filled with peace, love, truth and joy despite challenges.

Fear NoThing Coaching was built to simplify the process for others as they find freedom and strength in becoming their best self by finding their right paths and sharing their gifts with others.  I would be honored to share in your journey.



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