Small Business and Employee Coaching


Professional and Personal Coaching through life and work challenges for true growth and change.

Invest in your business, invest in your people.

Retain Talent

Increase job satisfaction and decrease turnover by valuing your employees' health, wellness, and happiness.

Support Flexibility

Increase job satisfaction and encourage a healthy work-life balance by offering resources to better help employees manage their time and workload.

Refuel Team Members

Improve productivity and overall well-being by providing resources that help employees manage stress and find balance in their lives.

Combat Pressures

Increase resilience by offering a resource and safe space for employees to learn how to manage pressure and stress.


Address Burnout

Combat employee burnout by offering a safe space for employees to process stress and learn tools to increase overall well-being and, therefore, productivity.

Improve Teamwork

Improve overall productivity by improving communication and teamwork strategies so employees can develop better relationships with their teammates and work together more efficiently.

Did you know, quality of life is directly connected to happiness at work?


Providing professional development coaching, individual coaching, and group coaching to employees in small businesses can be a valuable benefit for both the employees and the organization.


Dr. Cardona offers customized coaching programs for you and your employees to succeed both professionally and personally. She can guide your employees through group coaching sessions or offer anonymous, individual coaching sessions to your employees.

See your employees happier and deliver more meaningful results.

It's time to prioritize workplace well-being- are you ready?