Change: Part 1

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I have many stories and adventures with wanting to change.  Some have been successful, and some have not.  I was unsuccessful mostly because I was not ready, the timing was not right, my change goal was not individualized for me and instead of preparing for the change I jumped right in and set myself up and I incorporated the “all or nothing” mindset.

I want to share with you how I have achieved and sustained a goal of exercise as a way to show how choosing the right goal right now, understanding and weighing in on Readiness for Change , and establishing personal and unique goals can serve as powerful tools on your journey of sustaining desired changes. 

 I grew up with experiences that caused me to have adverse reactions to exercise.  My relationship to exercise was one of torture, guilt or dread vs a wonderful way to take care of myself and feel better.  So, a goal of incorporating exercise into my life did not come easy and it did not come till latter in my life.

First, I had to understand what had impacted my relationship to exercise and offer myself patience and understanding that I wanted a goal of this in my life but had to be ready and no amount of guilt or pressure was going to help.  Guilt and pressure actually moved me further away from commitment.  This goal could not be forced or for anyone else.  I had to prepare myself to enjoy committing to my goal of incorporating exercise into my life.

(…continued in Change: Part 2)