The Power of Intuition: A Soul Gift That Guides Us Through Life


Intuition not only plays a significant role in my coaching practice but is also something I coach my clients on. What is intuition? How does it manifest in our lives, and why is it crucial for making sound decisions? Let’s get started.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is what I describe as an “inner sight.” Unlike the sight you gain through your eyes, this is a perception rooted in the connection between your mind and body. It’s what we often call a ‘gut feeling.’ When your gut tells you something, it’s your intuition speaking. It manifests in the physical body, creating feelings or sensations that guide you.

The Mind’s Eye

Beyond physical sensations, intuition also presents itself through mental visions. These are not images seen through your eyes, but more like a tape playing in your mind, offering insights or guiding you toward a certain direction. It’s like a screenplay for possible life scenarios, providing you with options and outcomes to consider.

Why Trust Your Intuition?

The outcomes of tapping into your intuition are plentiful. From clarity and wisdom to a newfound vision, the benefits are enormous. Not only can intuition be applied in our personal lives, particularly in relationships, but it also has a place in our professional spheres, assisting in creative processes, strategy formation, and problem-solving.

The Disconnect

Sadly, not everyone finds it easy to trust their intuition. This disconnect is often rooted in traumas, challenges, or hardships. Such experiences make the human self overpower the soul self, leading to an imbalance that veils our innate wisdom. Instead of your human and soul selves working in tandem, your human self takes the reins, silencing the intuitive signals from your soul self.

Reconnecting With Your Intuition

In my coaching practice, I often work on reconnecting individuals with their intuition. By overcoming the barriers that hardships and challenges create, we can reestablish this essential connection. I often liken it to being in perfect balance: your human self and soul self should work in harmony, each contributing to your well-being and decision-making processes.

Intuition is a Skill

Just like any skill, intuition needs to be practiced to be strengthened. Without consistent practice, your trust in your intuition will wane, robbing you of the valuable insights it provides. My clients have seen firsthand the benefits of reconnecting with their intuition, from greater clarity to more trust in their abilities.


In wrapping up, intuition is a vital skill and soul gift that we should all learn to harness. If you’re already tapped into your intuition, fantastic. If you find yourself disconnected, know that reconnection is possible. And if you think I can help guide you in this journey, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Trust your gut, trust your vision, and most importantly, trust yourself.