Paving New Highways in the Mind: The Role of Positive Thoughts and Concrete Actions

Highways of the mind


Let’s delve into the intricacies of thought patterns and how they influence our behavior. Specifically, I want to discuss how to shift from old, negative pathways—what I like to call “old highways”—to new, positive ones. The aim? To forge a new course in your mind that leads to better, more fulfilling outcomes. So how do we accomplish this? Let’s find out.

Old Highways Versus New Highways

Think of your prevailing negative thoughts as well-trodden highways in your mind. These are pathways that your brain automatically defaults to, often out of habit. Conversely, the positive thoughts you want to foster can be thought of as new highways that are under construction. To make these new highways functional, you need to support them with evidence that the brain can trust. This is crucial because your brain needs solid ground to tread on when making the switch from negative to positive thinking.

The Importance of Fact-Finding

The cornerstone of this transition is what I call “fact-finding.” Essentially, you need to arm yourself with facts that validate your new, positive thoughts. These are not abstract or imaginary plaudits; they’re real accomplishments or positive traits that you can pinpoint in your life. Collect these facts as evidence. Doing so will give your mind the assurance it needs to start relying on these new highways of positive thought.

Small, Incremental, Individualized, and Consistent Actions

Once you’ve identified these positive thoughts and supported them with facts, the next step is action. I urge you to list very small, incremental action steps that you’re willing to take to fortify these new pathways. Keep in mind that these actions should be individualized to suit your specific needs and lifestyle. The idea is to be consistent in taking these small steps, even if they feel foreign or uncomfortable initially. Over time, these new practices will strengthen your new highways, making them your default routes instead of your old, negative ones.


Shifting from old, negative thought patterns to new, positive ones isn’t an overnight endeavor. It requires a concerted effort to first understand the thoughts you’re looking to change, to then support new thoughts with factual evidence, and finally, to take concrete, individualized action. As with constructing any new highway, there will be bumps and detours along the way. But with consistent practice, you’ll find that these new pathways will become your main routes, guiding you towards a more positive and fulfilling life.