My Story


When I was about 34 years old, after years of unsuccessful trying, I got pregnant for the first time.  Thrilled with excitement and joy my husband, mom and I entered the room for my first ultrasound.  As we sat there with extreme anticipation the technician moved the ultrasound wand all over my belly.  She asked us to hold on and shortly after the doctor entered and repeated more of the same.  My throat got tight, my stomach dropped and I knew what was coming “I am sorry, we cannot find a heartbeat”.  The look on my husband’s and mother’s face was unforgettable.  Hopes, joys and dreams all vanished in a ½ of a second.

I will never forget that day. How heartbroken and disappointed I was.  The pain was excruciating, and I felt I like I was in the middle of a storm all alone with no way out.  This was one of many pivotal points in my life.  I so wanted to have a family and never anticipated a challenge getting pregnant and staying pregnant.  There is no way to explain the internal struggle this created.  At one point, I remember fighting for my peace and deciding to embrace my life and what was planned for me.  In that fight I found trust.  Trust in a Source greater than myself, Trust that I was loved, Trust that I was good and shall receive good, Trust that this was a part of my story and purpose, Trust in my husband for carrying hope on days I could not.

  So, what was my Gift?  Through this challenge I realized and still realize I am resilient beyond belief and there is good awaiting me in all experiences of my life, especially the most painful.  I carry this Gift with me on a daily bias and share it often.  I live it and it yields true all the time.  Most of us, if not all of us have all had those challenges that start off with some physical reaction like your throats getting tight and your stomach dropping followed shortly by enormous amounts of emotion and fear to include unbearable pain.  If you have not found your Gift/s in these challenges do not worry they are still waiting on you. 

I often coach around how to find the “Gifts” in adversity.  This may seem weird or crazy but believe me it works.  You will most definitely find a Gift/s  in the power you were giving away.  It is meant to be returned back to you for more meaningful and impactful experiences that will change your life.