Failure: A Lesson Learned


As I share some of my life experiences, it is imperative that I first share with you that I practice and live from a philosophy of no judgment for self or others- just patience in understanding how it all makes sense. How it is all a part of who I am today.

I myself was raised in a home where overachieving, producing results, and always being aware of the competition -even within my own family- was valued, and even yielded attention and reward.  So, my normal was being hard on myself, having an obligation to overachieve and knowing the expectation that I had to exceed “Keeping up with the Joneses”. I feared any forms of failure, feelings of being less-than, or rejection whether they were real or perceived. 

My growth point happened when I learned to operate from a paradigm that the word and meaning behind Failure is man-made.  Failure is man-made up.

I coach on this often especially with high-achievers, over-achievers & perfectionists.  I still honor accountability and growth, it just takes on a different mindset. 

Lesson Learned: The word Failure & its meaning no longer exist instead I have an opportunity to reexamine strategy along my life journey with  kindness, patience and understanding that all things are purposefully driven & meant to happen.  I find the purpose or gift in the experience and help others to do the same.  Next time you have the opportunity to challenge Failure for yourself or others do it and observe the difference.