To the High-Achievers, Overachievers, and Perfectionists.

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Guess what?  I am a High-Achiever, Overachiever, & Perfectionist too.

I learned these skills early on in my life as a way to belong, succeed, feel safe, and be validated.  Ironically, it was these same skills later in life that got in the way of belonging/acceptance with my own self and others, succeeding, and feeling safe.

So I was living the old saying when your strength has become your weakness.  I do not believe in coincidences, and I was truly meant to learn balance with High-Achieving, Overachieving, Perfectionism.  They had given me many wonderful gifts, but they were beginning to take from my life more than they were giving.

In my early forties, the external validation and safety were quickly losing their strength as my first and only child was born.  I began to have internal turmoil that challenged my drive for external validation in the form of success, growth, titles, money etc..  This was directly tied to my high-achieving, overachieving and perfectionism.  This was a part of my call-to-action to change.