Unraveling the Power of Transformation: Challenging and Changing Beliefs

woman challenging her negative beliefs

Hello there, it’s Dr. Rebecca Cardona from Fear Nothing Coaching, and today we’re diving deeper into a topic we’ve explored before: beliefs that don’t serve us. In a previous post, I explained why these beliefs exist, and today, we’ll focus on how to challenge and change them.

Understanding the Roots: Survival Instincts

To recap briefly, these beliefs are deeply rooted in our brain’s hardwiring, which is linked to our survival instincts. Our brain is programmed to secure our survival, primarily in the domains of love and belonging, safety, and security. But what do we do when these beliefs no longer serve us?

Permission to Challenge and Change

The first step is granting yourself permission to challenge these beliefs. It’s not an easy task, as we often fear that challenging these beliefs will jeopardize our survival. But remember, just because a belief is wired into our brain doesn’t mean it’s true or beneficial. So, let’s explore the steps to challenge and change these limiting beliefs.

Step 1: Choose the Belief to Challenge

Start by selecting a belief that you feel isn’t serving you well. Give yourself permission to question it. For example, a belief tied to overachievement being the only path to financial security and success.

Step 2: Identify the Survival Tactic

Identify the survival tactic linked to this belief, whether it’s about love and belonging or safety and security. Thank this tactic for trying to protect you but be ready to challenge it.

Step 3: Challenge the Old Belief

When you sense that the old belief is putting your survival at risk (e.g., feeling not good enough), challenge it. Remind yourself that you don’t have to overachieve or overwork to be secure.

Step 4: Recode with a New Belief

Replace the old belief with a new code or message. For example, “I don’t have to overachieve to be financially secure.” Repeat this new code whenever the old belief resurfaces.

Step 5: Repeat Often

Repetition is crucial. Every time the old belief creeps in, reinforce the new code. Remember, your brain can’t occupy both lanes simultaneously.

Step 6: Allow the Brain to Trust the New Code

Give your brain time to trust the new code. Find evidence that it’s trustworthy and working. This may include observing improved relationships, reduced stress, or better overall well-being.


Beliefs that no longer serve us are a common part of the human experience. The key is understanding that we have the power to challenge and change them. It may feel uncomfortable, but it’s a journey worth taking to improve our quality of life.

If any of this resonates with you or if you’re struggling with a belief that you’d like to challenge, don’t hesitate to reach out. I offer free consultations to help you determine if my coaching style aligns with your needs.