Navigating the Mind: Overcoming Negative Thoughts to Achieve Health Goals

Man standing under cloudy sky, overcoming negative thoughts.

Introduction Let’s explore the notion of challenging our automatic negative thoughts—those pesky, preconceived ideas that hinder us from achieving our life goals. The aim? To create a healthier mental space that allows us to work toward our objectives with clarity and confidence. Specifically, let’s discuss this in the context of health and well-being, using the…

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Change: Part 1

I have many stories and adventures with wanting to change.  Some have been successful, and some have not.  I was unsuccessful mostly because I was not ready, the timing was not right, my change goal was not individualized for me and instead of preparing for the change I jumped right in and set myself up…

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The Power You Have

Remember the Amazing Power You have with in You: Every second, minute and hour of the day you can Restart & Change Your Course. The key is to be Kind and Patient with yourself as you realize the need to Change Your Course.

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